About Coryelle



Coryelle Kramer is a naturally gifted seer, communicator and healer who has been connecting and speaking with animals, the Divine and spirits since she was a child.

Her life’s purpose is “Divination” which is to foresee, connect to and to be inspired by the Universe. For over 15 years what has made her heart sing is being able to fulfill her life’s work by being a conduit for the Animals, Spirits, and Divinity. As an instrument of the divine, she connects to and communicates with those in spirit, her own guides as well as your spirit guides, and your animals to interpret the messages they have for you and deliver the answers you seek.

In her work she uses such tools as Flower Essences to alleviate unwanted behaviors in all beings, Empathic abilities to reveal health issues, Reiki for healing, Psychic abilities and Tarot cards to see future outcomes, and Angel connections for spacial clearings and blessings.

Services Coryelle Offers:
Animal Communication
Seer & Medium Readings
Spirit Guide Discoveries
Reiki Healing & Attunements (LV 1, 2 & Master)
Flower Essence Therapy
Spacial Blessings, Clearings & Re-tunings

Coryelle has appeared on TV and radio shows throughout the country, as well speaking and teaching courses on the subjects of intuitive abilities, energetic healing, animal communication, spirit guides and flower essences.

Her animal communication website is www.coryellekramer.com


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